How to do a self exam.

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How do I do a breast self exam?

How to do a self exam.

Doing a breast exam is easy but not quick. Some women do a quick padding and squeeze of the nipples to check for discharge and call it good. There's actually a little more to it than that. In the US, you can call 1-800- 4 CANCER to order cancer publications and a self-exam guide.

First, stand in a mirror and look for any thing that seems unusual, you're checking for skin discolorations, pinching, lumpiness, and basic form. Squeeze each nipple to check for discharge. Next, do the same but have your arms raised. Third, lay on your back, one arm tucked under your head and with your other hand pat and push your breast tissue. You're looking for anything lumpy. Before my mom had her tumor removed, it felt like a small golf ball in her breast, very hard and dense. It didn't move and her breast tissue moved around it. This is the only breast lump I've felt, so I don't know if this is normal or not. My theory is, you'll know something's wrong when you feel it. And finally, some women like to do the last step in the shower.



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