Dinner is served.

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How can I help the family?

Dinner is served.

Bring dinner over, homemade or take-out. If a lot of visitors have been by that day - don't stay for dinner unless you've been invited out of desire for your company instead of politeness. After a long day of people in and out, the family probably doesn't feel up to entertaining.



12/23/2007 6:08:58 PM
Kim Butler said:

If a family member is undergoing chemo, do not expect to stay for dinner or even visit with the patient. My family loved when people delivered dinners the day of, or the day after, my chemo treatments. We loved fresh fruit and fresh green salads, as both were very hard for us to make or buy when we were so busy with treatments. Also, desserts for the kids were so appreciated. I recommend trying to branch out from lasagna -- we got kinda tired of it, as we received many variations of this dish. But all food was so appreciated by myself and my family.


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