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Cancer Research

Cancer research has evolved over the years. As more and more people are diagnosed, the fight to find the cure for cancer has gotten stronger.

There are clinical trials used to test certain drugs and their effectiveness to fight cancer. A group of individuals become the guinea pigs agreeing to take the new drug in hopes that this might be the one that helps in their crusade against cancer. Each person takes the drugs and documents any symptoms or changes in a diary, reporting back to the doctor. This helps in finding out if this new drug will be effective or not. Usually there are 2 groups in a study. One will take the drug and the other will use other treatments. This will allow to see if taking the drug would be more effective than radiation, or other treatments.

Another aspect to the research is studying genetics. Lab technicians can manipulate the genes to see if certain genes cause the growth of tumors. This determines who is more susceptible to certain kinds of cancer. Mice are usually the test subject for the technicians.

Research also involves studying environmental factors that could be causing cancer. For example, testing certain chemicals used and emitted in the air, determining if they are responsible for developing cancer.

Cancer is a horrible disease and the fight to find a cure continues.

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