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What is a good book on breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Book

“Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book.” By Susan M. Love, M.D. Addison-Wesley Publishing Corp. 1995 The definitive book on breast health ranging from the healthy breast to common problems and cancer.

What´s a good book on prostate cancer?

Prostate Cancer Book

“How I Survived Prostate Cancer and So Can You.” By James Lewis, Jr. Ph.D. Health Education Literary Publisher. Westbury, New York 1994. Information on treatments, diet, and diagnostic information.

Where can I read about chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy Book

“Coping with Chemotherapy.” By Nancy Bruning. The Dial Press. New York. 1985. A touch outdated but still a wonderful reference point from someone's that lived through chemo. The book is divided into three sections: 1) Should you have chemo? 2) Help for the mind, body, and spirit. 3) Side Effects.

What is a good book on radiation therapy?

Radiation Therapy Book

"Coping with Radiation Therapy - A Ray of Hope" By Daniel Cukier, M.D. and Virginia E. McCullough. Lowell House. Los Angeles, CA. 1993 Information on the history, and application of radiation therapy. Includes 25 FAQ?s and a list of solutions for common problems associated with radiation therapy such as "wet" skin, teeth, and mouth problems.

Where can I read about melanoma?

Melanoma Book

“Melanoma – Prevention, Detection, and Treatment.” By Catherine M. Poole Yale Univeristy Press. 1998. Color pictures of melanoma and non-melanoma moles. Includes information on prevention and various treatments of melanoma.

Where can I read about breast cancer survivors?

Breast Cancer Book

No Less A Woman” by Deborah H. Kahane, M.S.W. Prentice Hall Press. New York. 1990. Profiles ten women that have gone through and survived breast cancer.

Where can I read about tamoxifen?

Tamoxifen Book

“Tamoxifen and Breast Cancer.” By Michael W. DeGregono and Valerie J. Webe Yale University Press. 1996. All aspects of cancer with emphasis on the pros and cons of using tamoxifen as treatment.

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