Bladder Cancer Tip

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Bladder Cancer Tip

Healthy living and nutrition is important to treatment of bladder cancer. A diet with fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains help fight cancer and make traditional treatments more successful. If you have bladder cancer, then nutrition is an important part of your recovery plan. Many foods will give your body energy, help fight fatigue and nausea, and build up your immune system. This alone will help you survive bladder cancer treatments with dignity.

Many healthy foods contain photochemicals that stop cancer in every stage of development. They stop growth of new cancer cells in the body and stop the growth of existing ones. These foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, supplements and green and black tea. Shopping for the best foods for your diet means writing a list and reading labels carefully. Visit the produce, dairy, meat, seafood and natural foods departments.

Vitamin D has cancer fighting properties that help with bladder cancer. It is found in sunlight and fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Other sauces are milk and eggs. It protects against colon and rectal cancers in men. So it is a good vitamin to take for prevention or treatment when fighting bladder cancer. Green leafy vegetables and red and orange vegetables are high in antioxidants that fight cancer. Remember nutrition as important factor in fighting bladder cancer.



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