Prostate Cancer Therapy Options

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Prostate Cancer Therapy Options

Prostate cancer refers to a form of cancer that forms in the prostate which is a male, reproductive organ that is located right under the bladder and towards the front of the rectum. The prostate gland is fluid which helps make up semen. Prostate cancer is usually seen in older men because as men get older the prostate may become larger and begin to block the bladder and the urethra. Prostate cancer treatment options are available to help men with prostate cancer get rid of the cancer cells.

Prostate cancer treatment includes various surgery options. In radical protatectomy, the entire prostate is removed. Sometimes radiation therapy is performed. In this type of procedure, highly charged radiation is used to kill cancer cells. Another prostate treatment option includes ultrasound-guided cryotherapy where the cancer cells become frozen. High-intensity focused ultrasound therapy uses intense ultrasound beams to kill cancer cells that are formed in the prostate.

Prostate cancer therapy is important for patients. Individuals with prostate cancer need to decide on effective prostate cancer treatment options by talking to their doctors and cancer specialists. It is important to discuss all the prostate cancer treatment options and decide on the right course of action.



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