Lung Cancer Symptoms and Advanced Warning Signs

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Lung Cancer Symptoms and Advanced Warning Signs

By the time most patients with lung cancer symptoms are evaluated by a doctor, the cancer has already reached an advanced stage and, in 60% of patients, the lung cancer is incurable. Cancer symptoms and warning signs need to be evaluated and treated early before the cancer has a chance to progress.

Lung cancer symptoms are often masked as common cold or influenza symptoms, and they either go untreated or ignored by both the patient and the doctor. Unfortunately in many cases, cancer symptoms do not appear until the cancer is well into the advanced stages.

Immediately see a doctor and request cancer testing if there are lung cancer symptoms present, including: severe and constant chest pain; persistent coughing, with or without the presence of blood; difficulty breathing or shortness of breath; or unexplained weight loss.

Each of the cancer symptoms alone may be related to a simple cold or case of the flu, however the symptoms should not be easily dismissed. Early diagnosis and treatment of beginning lung cancer symptoms is necessary to increase the likelihood of successful treatment and cancer recovery.



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