Choosing an Alternative Cancer Treatment

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Choosing an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Many cancer patients look for alternative cancer treatment to either replace or supplement traditional treatment. Where cancer treatment centers and traditional medicine aim to cure or remove the cancer alone, most alternative cancer treatment options incorporate a holistic approach to treating every aspect of the cancer patient’s life.

Two alternative cancer treatments have gained popularity of the years and complement each other in their ability to kill cancer cells, build the immunity system and detoxify the body. Rene Caisse’s Essiac Tea, dating back to use in the 1920’s, consists of four herbs which are known to kill cancer cells and boost the immune system. Johanna Brandt and Fred Wortman’s Grape Cure relies on the skin and seeds of Concord grapes to kill cancer cells and stop the spread of cancer. Green tea, Noni juice and wheatgrass treatments are other alternatives to consider.

When looking into alternative cancer treatment, it is important to realize that there is not simply one or two options and many patients combine several treatments into an overall treatment plan. Whether choosing one alternative cancer treatment or several, all treatment plans should include a special cancer diet as well since many foods will feed the cancer.



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