The joys of chemo fog.

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My chemo patient can´t track our conversation. Is this normal?

The joys of chemo fog.

When your loved one is going through chemo, sometimes they're not all there. In our family, we call this chemo fog. What it means is the person is trapped in a dense mental fog induced by the chemo. What does this mean to you? Don't expect them to follow a conversation, don't expect them to remember what you just said, don't expect too much. Realize that they're sitting there, looking attentive, but probably couldn't tell you their own name. Also, don't take what they say to heart. Weird sayings, things that they never would say, pop out of their mouth and they don't realize it. Laugh it off, and forget it; after all, it's only the chemo talking.



11/26/2006 6:01:14 PM
Ann said:

I'm looking for information on how to help a student who is experiencing 'chemo-fog'. She's only 6 years old and this is frustrating for both of us.


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