Ode to a Mammogram

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Ode to a Mammogram

There is no guarantee that the right foods and a healthy lifestyle will keep cancer at bay. The best protection is regular check-ups; the earlier the detection the better your chances are for survival. It is recommended that women start mammograms at 40. If you don't know your family history or if cancer has been in your family start as early as possible.



10/18/2007 8:57:49 AM
kim b. said:

I was diagnosed with locally advanced breast cancer last year at 45, with no family history. My advice - get a clinical breast exam every year from your doctor -- do a monthly self-exam so you know what your breast should feel like, and remember, only 1 in 10 women with breast cancer has a family history. Mammograms are ONE tool - don't depend on just them.


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