Should I do a self-exam?

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Should I do a breast self exam?

Should I do a self-exam?

Three different theories are around on doing a self breast exam. The first is: do it, it doesn't cost anything and it might prove to be beneficial. The second: is by doing a self-exam women see their breasts as an "enemy" that needs to be watched carefully. They may develop to hate their breasts and their body because of a fear of cancer. The third theory: if you love your body, you want to take care of it and watch it, nuture it, and respect it. Doing a self-exam is a positive experience. Then there's my theory: have your significant other do the exam! They are probably more familiar with your breasts than you are, so if there's any change they'll be sure to notice. Plus, look at all the fun it may lead to! ;-)



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