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Mouth sores make eating impossible?

One of the many problems with chemotherapy are mouth and esophageal sores. Nothing tastes good, and swallowing is impossible. Nutrition is key to keeping your body healthy to fight its battle. The solution? Liquid, nutritiously dense meals such as MetRx or making your own mixing protein powders and diet meal replacement shakes.

Is broccoli good for me?

More broccoli please!

Yum...lightly steamed broccoli floret's at their peak of green, a touch of salt and a smidgen of butter, it doesn't get much better. Or does it? Turns out that those little green trees are the best cancer fighters known. They're packed with sulforaphane (a very powerful cancer fighter), antioxidants, fiber, and calcium. So to protect your body, add broccoli to your meals, or eat raw as a snack.

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