Skin Cancer Treatment Options

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Skin Cancer Treatment Options

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that is present in the lower part of the skin in the squamous cells. There are various types of skin cancer treatment options available - mohs micrographic surgery, simple excision, shave excision, electro-dissection and curettage, and cryosurgery. Cancer treatment centers can work with individuals who have melanoma and find the best treatment options for them.

In mohs micrographic surgery, the tumor is removed from under the skin's surface. The tumor is viewed under a microscope to check for the removal of all the cancer cells. When a simple excision is performed, the cancer along with some of the surrounding skin tissue. During a shave excision, the melanoma is removed from the skin using a small blade. When an electro-dissection and curettage is performed, the surgeon uses a curettage to cut the skin's surface and an electrode resembling a needle is placed into the incision. When this type of surgery is performed, bleeding ceases and the caner cells are destroyed. Another type of skin treatment option is cryosurgery. This is where an instrument is used to freeze the cancerous cells.

Cancer treatment centers can discuss the surgery and help those people struggling with melanoma to get the best skin cancer treatment options available. These facilities are staffed with employees who are knowledgeable and certified.



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