Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer

One of the most common forms of cancer is lung cancer. The proper name for it is carcinoma of the lungs. This disease occurs when there is cell growth in the tissues of the lung. The growth common leads to metastasis, which is when the adjacent tissue and infiltration behind the lungs are invaded.

Lung cancer is primarily evident in the top layer of cells. This is where air passages and the lung itself exist. Two common ways in which lung cancer is caused is from cigarette smoking and exposure to industrial air pollutants. If one avoids these two in their lifespan the chances of lung cancer are highly unlikely.

If one chooses to partake in one of the two causes mentioned above, cells in the lung will grow out of control and take over healthy cells if either is abused. Lung cancer is extremely serious as it is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. It is broken down into two groups, these groups are small cell lung cancer and non-small lung cancer. There is no cure for either.



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