Ways to Relax When Taking Cancer Drugs

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Ways to Relax When Taking Cancer Drugs

Taking cancer drugs as part of your cancer treatment plan can create emotional turmoil, add stress and uproot your sense of stability. Cancer drugs can come in the form of pills, injections, intravenous, or chemotherapy. The same cancer drugs used to treat your cancer, have side effects that can make you very ill. Knowing the cancer treatment is going to make you ill can make it more difficult to take the drugs. Stress and anxiety, however, is an enemy. Learning to relax or lower your anxiety can make the process of receiving and dealing with the side effects of the cancer drugs more tolerable.


• Bring an mp3 player loaded with music you find relaxing or with audiotapes for relaxation. Put on headphones and listen while receiving your cancer drugs or after when you aren't feeling well.
• Make a deal with yourself to treat yourself to something either before or after your cancer treatment. A foot massage, warm bath, dinner, movie or anything else you find pleasurable.
• Take long, slow breaths each time you feel yourself getting agitated or upset. Try to think of a time or place that brings peace to your heart.

Learning to relax and lessen your anxiety will make taking the cancer drugs as part of your cancer treatment more do-able.



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